Sunday, January 19, 2020

Sing to the Lord a New Song

As many of my readers know, I volunteer at social program called the Gathering Place which is held in a church in our county.  This program is for people with beginning to moderate dementia.  It is a wonderful program for the participants and adds joy to the lives of the volunteers like myself as well.  It also provides a wonderful day of respite for caregivers of loved ones affected by neurological diseases.

Recently I found the following post in my Facebook memories that I wrote a little over three years ago:

"As you know I volunteer at the Gathering place on Tuesdays. I went to one of the former participants of the Gathering place's funeral visitation today. Even though it is always sad when one of the participants pass, I have never gone to a visitation or funeral of one of them before. This lady was from my town, however, and she was a special lady. Makes me sad. She is with Jesus, but it is difficult for the family. The husband talked about my book which he had read. Nice interaction. It reminds us that life on this earth is so brief."

Remarkably, the man talked about in that Facebook post of three years ago is my current husband, Bob.  Bob lost his wife a little over three years ago.  My book to which I refer in the above post is my book. Dear Caregiver Reflections for Family Caregivers.  I wrote that book after being my first husband's caregiver for about four and a half years and then losing him to death a little over nine years ago.  Bob was helped by that book in his care for his first wife.

It seems amazing to me that both Bob and I had no clue on that funeral day what God had planned for our futures.  Yet because of our common work at the Gathering Place and God speaking to our hearts, we became a couple.  I am overwhelmed with the grace and love of God in all of that.  I am overwhelmed with God's wisdom which is way above our wisdom.  I am amazed that even though we will always miss our first spouses, God has brought beauty from ashes.  The plaque on the wall below our wedding picture says, "Sing to the Lord a new song."  How appropriate.   There are adjustments in a second marriage, but it has been a very good thing.  Also our love keeps growing.

God's plan is not always easy especially when we go through very difficult times.  Yet let us always trust that He knows what He is doing.  Let's trust in that wonderful God.  Whatever the heartache, dear reader, trust Him.

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