Sunday, September 6, 2015

God's Sure Love

It is so difficult in our human minds to reconcile two truths. One truth is that God loves us. The other truth is that God allows us to face very difficult challenges and even suffering in this life. Sometimes the challenges and suffering we face tempts us to doubt God’s love for us.
Care-giving by definition is challenging at best. If a caregiver is put into the position of witnessing his or her loved one’s health continue to deteriorate step by step; that caregiver might also experience discouragement, grief, and a host of other negative emotions.  Though God’s ways are difficult to understand sometimes, one truth to which Christian caregivers can cling is the truth of God’s overflowing and certain love for them.
God is the very definition of love. We tend to think that when life is easy and comfortable God must love us. Conversely, if things are difficult and challenging in our lives; we may be tempted to think God no longer cares for us. If we begin to see things from God’s perspective, however, we realize that suffering and challenges have purpose and meaning.
Christian caregivers know that the emotional, spiritual, and physical challenges of care-giving are molding their characters. They know that somehow God is going to bring good out of the chaos, heartache, and overwhelming challenges of care-giving. They know that God will be with them each step of the way supporting them and sustaining them with His love and power.
Dear Christian caregiver. Rest in the truth of God’s love for you in the midst of all the negative emotions that care-giving can produce. Trust that He in His love will lead you through this difficult process. Trust that good will come out of all of the heartaches and challenges of care-giving. Just rest in trust in His love.  


  1. Oftentimes I preach the Gospel to myself as a reminder of God's love!

  2. I love what you said about preaching the Gospel to yourself, Georgene. I know I desperately need to remind myself of the truths of God's Word daily.

  3. Here,too, ladies! Some days I just keep saying, "I trust you, Jesus"!