Monday, August 20, 2012

His Faithfulness

It was August 24, 2010. It was my birthday. Family was over to celebrate that night. Earlier in the day we had received a mobility chair for Wayne, my husband. It was perhaps a sign of things to come. Wayne’s declines came fast and furious in the next four months, and the emotional anguish and stress proved heavy during that time.

Something else happened on the memorable day in August, however. One of my family members called to me to come outside to look at a beautiful rainbow that had appeared in the sky. That rainbow was indeed awesome! I had not ever remembered seeing such a beautiful and full rainbow across the whole sky like that rainbow.

That rainbow that day felt like a special birthday present to me from God Himself. It was a reminder to me of the faithfulness of my God, a God who said to me and continues to say to me, “Never will I leave you never will I forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5b in the Bible)

God has indeed proven Himself faithful in those months since that August day in 2010. The next few months in 2010 as I have alluded to before were very stressful and discouraging as my husband’s health deteriorated at an alarming rate. God provided strength and resources all along the way, however. Wayne entered heaven on January 2, 2011. He was free from the body in which he had been trapped and could now enjoy the Lord’s presence forever. For me it was the beginning of a difficult grief journey. Through it all, however, the Lord has taught me so much about His faithfulness and my need to be dependent on Him. It has also deepened my relationship with Him and made me a more compassionate person. I do not know if there will be another rainbow on my birthday this year, but I do know that my Lord will always be faithful to me.

Dear Christian caregiver, God never promises to give us a life without problems and trials. Caregiving for someone with a serious illness is one of life’s deepest trials. I know this is true, because I walked that path. God, however, has promised to walk with us through life’s heartaches. He has promised to be faithful. Look for His wonders, dear caregiver. Rest in His faithfulness.


  1. Today Aug 20th is my birthday and he no longer remembers or can initiate any celebration on his own. When I told him (In a bouncy announcement way so as not to embarrass him) He wished me Happy Birthdy. God has also wished me happy birthday with church friends stopping by, a surprise goodie box from my misplaced childhood BFF now living in Georgia - her husband has young onset Alz and we have recently reconnected.
    God is good and I am enjoying the little blessings of the day. Happy Birthday to you Dear Sister

  2. Thank you,Susan. Happy Birthday to you also! I hope your day has been a good one.

  3. Thank you, Susan. I really did have a lovely birthday today. I felt so much love today.