Monday, August 27, 2012

He’s Never Failed Me Yet

In out last post we talked about the faithfulness of God. Sometimes the path of a family caregiver of a terminally ill loved one can be so discouraging. As a caregiver for my husband I found myself often discouraged and stressed.

Through it all, however, I found the Lord to be my faithful source of strength.  Looking back I know He was with me each step of the way.  Through my caregiving experience the Lord wanted me to learn reliance on Him alone. He wanted me to grow in my love for Him. He also wanted me to learn that I needed to trust Him, because He would never ever fail me. I could then and can now lean on the Lord because of His promises in His Holy Word and because He has never failed me in the past. Yes, He has never failed me yet!

The song “He’s Never Failed Me Yet” is a blessing to me. Click on the link below, and listen to the woman singing this song. It will be a blessing to you. Remember dear Christian caregiver, no matter how stressed you may feel God has never failed you yet. God will also never leave you in the days ahead.

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