Sunday, October 1, 2017

Comfort in Life's Changes

As human beings we tend to not like change.  Changes, adjustments, and challenges tend to fatigue us and also make us a bit fearful of what the future holds.  I remember feeling that way when I was my husband's caregiver.  I was afraid when we received his original diagnosis.  It made me anxious, as I saw his body continually become more and more disabled step by step.

I still do not like changes in other areas of my life.  One thing of which we can be certain, however, is that the Lord promises to be with us and draw us closer to Himself in all the changes. He was with me during those difficult care-giving days, and He will be with you as well, dear caregiver.  He will also be with you and I in other major life changes in our lives be they pleasant or challenging.

Sometime back I ran across an online article about facing unexpected changes in our lives. The author of this article wrote that she had thought she was prepared for any change that life might present, because her husband and her had served overseas as missionaries.  That missionary life had caused them to encounter many challenges and unknowns.  Yet when her husband was later diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease she found she was not as prepared, as she thought she would be. She had to turn again to the Lord and to Scripture to get her through those challenging days.

Below is a link to that article and the Scripture passages she found comforting during that time.  May they prove a blessing to you as well, dear caregiver.  May they also draw you closer to the Lord.  Just click on the link below.

You also may find some Scripture verses from Isaiah 46 to be a comfort and strength to you in the uncertainties of care-giving, dear caregiver.  Forgive me for once again linking you to a post at another blog of mine.  I hope this too proves to be a blessing to you.  Just click on the link below.

Once again, thank you for all that you do for your loved one dear caregiver.  You are doing noble work in God's kingdom!

(There will be no new blog post next week, as I plan to be away from my computer.  Next post should be on or around October 15.)

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