Sunday, October 29, 2017

An Empty Cup

Care-giving and life in general can often become overwhelming.   The common saying that God won't give us more than we can handle is not true.  God will often give us more than we can handle in OURSELVES, but His strength in us can get us through anything He allows in our lives.

In order for His strength to reside in us, however, we must not let our lives and hearts to become empty cups.  Recently I finished a novel by Sarah Price called An Empty Cup.  The main character, Roseanna, was constantly doing for others but not filling up her own cup-not refreshing her own spirit.  This resulted in bitterness and finally burnout in her life.

This can be a danger for family caregivers.  Care-giving is often so consuming that caregivers do not take or feel they have the time to replenish their own spirit.  They are giving and giving of themselves, but often not receiving.  As a result,  many caregivers develop serious health issues of their own.  I personally developed breast cancer while I was caring for my husband.

So how can you as a caregiver fight against your life becoming and empty cup-from caregiver burnout?  I think the most important way is to fill your life's cup is with the Word of God and prayer.  Make time each day to spend in the Lord's presence.  Let His love and promises fill you.  Also ask others to pray for you.

Also take time to do something you enjoy every day even if it is only for a few minutes.   Get out of the house whenever possible.  If you are consumed with your loved one's cares, you may need to learn to say "no" to other responsibilities.  In fact, you may need to ask for help from others.  Why are we so hesitant to ask for help from others?  

Remember, dear caregiver.  You cannot adequately care for your loves one's needs if your own cup is empty.  Fill your own cup, dear caregiver!  

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