Friday, January 31, 2014

His Strength to Persevere

Family care-giving can be challenging and overwhelming.  I know this to be true, because I lived the life of a family caregiver myself.  God does not want us to allow any set of circumstances to intimate us, however.  He does not want us to ever live in fear.  The more challenging our circumstances and day becomes the more His power is available to us.  Dear Christian caregiver, do not assess the difficulties which lie ahead of you based on your puny strength.  The Lord has His strength available for you in accordance with the difficulty of each day that you face. You just have to be willing to avail yourself of that strength and depend on Him alone.  Watch for what the Lord can do for you!

The Lord walks beside you, in front of you and behind you.  More importantly, Christ is in you, dear Christian caregiver; and you are in Him.  The light of His presence and power shines upon you and is within you.  An awareness of God’s presence and power in you gives you joy and the strength to persevere under the sometimes heavy load of care-giving.  This awareness opens up peace and hope, as your walk the care-giving road.

The problems of care-giving are often many and heavy.  Do not focus so intently on the problems, however, dear caregiver, that you forget to focus on the Lord.  Do not think you have to conquer the everyday problems immediately or on your own.  This method only leads to anxiety and defeat.  Instead when a care-giving problem rears its ugly head bring the matter to the Lord and talk with Him about the problem.  Suddenly you will then be able to see things from the Lord’s perspective.  You will also remember that He is with you and in you with His power and presence helping you face these problems.  You may often wonder how you can find your way through the difficult maze of family care-giving.  Remember the Lord holds your hand and will guide you through this.  You only have to see the few steps ahead of you.  So focus on Him and trust Him to lead you through the maze.

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