Monday, October 14, 2013

God Understands

A disability or long term illness obviously often affects the person experiencing it in devastating ways. We need to remember, however, that those problems affect not only the person with the illness or disability, but it affects the entire family and anyone else who is close to that individual. They as well as the individual with the disease or disability live with the consequences of that disease or disability.

Dear Christian caregiver, do you ever struggle in your ability to connect with God and with really believing that God understands all the problems in your family? Do you ever feel hopeless? If that is the case, tell God your honest feelings. The important thing is that you turn towards God and not away from God in your moments of despair.

When you turn to God in honest prayer God will answer. When you voice your heartaches and fears to the Lord He listens. You may almost hear God whisper to you, “I do understand your heartache, because I sent My Son to come to earth to live as a human on this earth. His entire life on earth was one of sorrow and grief and of lifelong pain and tears. He left a perfect place in heaven with Me, God the Father, and freely lived a life of suffering on this earth.”

Dear Christian caregiver, God does understand. Freely open your hurting heart to the Lord. There is something about talking with a God, who has seen His own His own Son suffer, that will comfort your heart. God knows and understands your heartaches and challenges, dear caregiver. God the Father watched His Son, Jesus Christ, live His entire life bearing the weight of very painful and earth bound limitations. Knowing that, dear caregiver, is what can draw you much closer to the Lord for His help.

On another note I have noticed that online resources to help family caregivers are limited. I certainly found this to be true when a caregiver. I am going to include a few links below that may be of some help or resource to you, however. The top two on the list are not Christian web sites but you still may find them helpful. The first one especially was helpful to me when I was a caregiver:

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