Monday, December 3, 2012

Be Conscious of His Presence

Dear Christian caregiver, it is vitally important that you stay conscious of the Lord’s presence step by step throughout your day. The Lord’s presence with you is both a protection and a promise. He will always be with you, and He will never leave you. Go gently through each day keeping your eyes on the Lord. He will open up the path He has planned for you step by step. Just trust Him along the way.

Life as a family caregiver is overwhelming at times. The challenges and difficulties are numerous. The promise of the Lord’s constant presence is a protection against the pitfalls of despair and self-pity. It is also a protection against worry about the future. When you think about your future and the future of your loved one envision the Lord in that future, because the Lord has promised to always be with you. Keep your eyes focused on the Lord.

Look to the Lord continually for help in the challenges of family caregiving. You are the God appointed comforter and help for your loved one. Often you need comfort yourself, however. When you need comfort, the Lord wants to enfold you in His arms. As you receive His comfort you will be a better channel of comfort to your loved one for whom you are caring and also perhaps for other people.


  1. Dear Sharon,
    Your post brought to mind the old hymn "Just When I need Him Most." A song sung to Jesus often carries me through the day and night. Thank you for helping this caregiver to keep her eyes upon the Lord. God bless you.

    “Just when I need Him, Jesus is near, just when I falter, just when I fear;
    ready to help me, ready to cheer, just when I need Him most.
    Just when I need Him, Jesus is true, never forsaking, all the way through;
    giving for burdens pleasures anew, just when I need Him most.

    “Just when I need Him, Jesus is strong, bearing my burdens all the day long;
    for all my sorrow giving a song, just when I need Him most.
    Just when I need Him, He is my all, answering when upon Him I call;
    tenderly watching lest I should fall, just when I need Him most.”

  2. Thank you for your comments, Judy. The words for the hymn that you quoted are so very beautiful. Jesus is always near just when we need Him bearing our burdens, if we allow Him to do so. God bless you, Judy, for the wonderful work you do as a caregiver!

  3. Greetings from Wordwise Hymns. Your blog caught my eye because the other day I posted an article on the hymn Judy mentions. Your counsel and encouragement to long-term care-givers is much needed. Thank you, and God bless.

  4. Thank you, Robert. May God bless you in your work also.