Saturday, December 22, 2012

Treasure the Moments

In 2009 my son, Brian, his wife and little girl flew home from London. Although Brian has been home in between he had not been home for Christmas for about 7 years. That was a wonderful blessing. Our middle son, Troy, and his family live near by. That year we had hoped our oldest son, Derrick, and his family from Iowa could be here Christmas weekend, but they could not come because of the heavy snow and ice that bombarded their area and actually was pretty widespread. However, we had a fun Christmas party with Troy and Brian’s families that Christmas Eve.

In December of 2010 my son, Brian, his wife, and my little granddaughter again flew in from London. That year I guess I had mixed emotions about their upcoming arrival. I was glad to see my son and his wife, and I was excited about getting to interact with my little granddaughter. Their anticipated stay of two weeks was a long time, however. I was very busy taking care of my husband, Wayne, at the time and having people around so much (even family) would be emotionally tiring even when it was a good time.

It turned out that there were joyful moments, blessed moments, and chaotic moments that year. My son from London, his wife, and their two-year-old little girl were here from December 13 to December 27. My son, from IA who hadn’t been able to come the year before, his wife, and their two daughters were also here from the Wed. night before Christmas to Sunday the 26th. Our local son, his wife, and their four children were here part of that time especially on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

It was wonderful having them all here for Christmas at one time. It had been a long time since that happened. My husband, Wayne, had an exceptionally good day on that Christmas Day. I consider that one of our blessed moments. That truly was a gift from above.

It was a joyful moment when I saw all of my grandchildren sitting around the table eating a snack or playing together downstairs. It was a blessed and joyful moment when all the grandkids would come in and crawl on bed and give their grandpa a kiss and hug after he was tucked in bed for the night. The blessed moments also came when everyone was considerate of Wayne’s schedule and the way things needed to be with him and even helped me with caring for him.

The overwhelming and chaotic moments came when they were all cooking in the kitchen at the same time and asking me where things were. The overwhelming moments came when the clutter starting piling up with having so many people around so much. The overwhelming moments came when I felt as if I needed and wanted to be there for everyone especially my grandkids, and I still needed to meet my husband’s needs. The overwhelming moments also came when it felt as if I was crowded out of my own space, so to speak.

Those moments were the last Christmas my husband spent with us, however. They are moments we can look back at and treasure as a family. Treasure all the moments with your loved one this Christmas, dear Christian caregiver.

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