Monday, October 1, 2012

Finding an Oasis in the Caregivng Experience

Because caregiving for a family member can be so intense it is important to take little breaks or an occasional oasis from caregiving. Both in October of 2010 and 2011 my husband and I went away for a few days to the WI Dells with my son’s family. My son’s family went to get lengths including taking out the back seat of their van to accommodate my husband’s mobility equipment or a special chair.

We also always enjoyed our Thursday nights suppers at my son’s family’s home. As long as I was able with my husband’s deteriorating health I also took occasional substitute teaching days, and I helped my daughter-in-law with home schooling our local granddaughters on Wed. mornings. I also sang in church choir and attended woman’s Sunday school.

I further attended some concerts with a group of ladies. About a half a year before my husband died I hired a C N A to help me a few nights a week, so I could attend these occasional concerts. I found when I had these little breaks from caregiving, I was better able to keep things in perspective and keep my spirits up.

Dear caregiver, caregiving for a loved one is so intense and stressful that it is important that you find an occasional oasis from your caregiving. If you can not leave your loved one alone at all, bring in someone else to stay with your loved one from time to time. Also plan and make a little oasis or spot in your home where you can retreat and regroup for awhile. Finally, I found I needed to rise earlier than my husband every morning to spend time with the Lord in prayer and Scripture reading. Finding these moments of oasis are essential to your emotional and spiritual well being, dear caregiver.

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