Monday, September 26, 2011

The Losses of Caregiving Part Two

If your loved one has suffered with a terminal disease or with a disease which has caused a severe disability, your loved one has experienced serious losses in his or her life. As mentioned before in the previous post you as his or her caregiver have also suffered serious losses. You have most likely suffered the loss of a relationship as it once existed and the loss of time doing fun things together with your loved one. You have also suffered a loss of dreams for the future. As a caregiver you may have further lost the help of your ill loved one with duties around the house.  Finally because of the expenses of caregiving you may have lost possessions and financial security.

In September of 2009 I wrote about the loss of my husband’s leadership in decision making due to his illness. I journaled the following words:
“I do weary of being responsible for so many decisions. When we bought a different vehicle this summer, I did all the talking and dealing. When there are telephone calls to be made or problems to be solved it is I who has to take charge. Soon we will have some major insurance issues to consider. That will be mainly my responsibility. We may have a chance to move from our apartment to a condo. There is a condo in our price range available, but all the things to think about in regard to such a possibility are a bit overwhelming.

I love the good times my husband and I still have together, but I miss the way things used to be. I miss the times when my husband took more responsibility for these type things and decisions. I miss the person my husband used to be.”

The losses and the stresses of caregiving can be overwhelming at times. Always remember, dear Christian Caregiver, that the Lord God is with you in the losses. His plans for your future are also good. He can turn the chaos and heartaches of caregiving into something beautiful in your character and in your future. Rest in Him.

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