Saturday, April 15, 2023

God's Plan A

I ran across a devotional a few years ago which reminded me of a truth which God has laid on my heart in the past several years.  Nancy Guthrie writes this in her book, The One Year Book of Hope, "God's plan for your life is unfolding, and nothing and nobody can hinder it---Whatever is happening in your life, you can welcome it as God's sovereign Plan A.  God carries out His own good purposes without mistakes or regrets, and His plan is never thwarted."

Nancy also says that Satan tries to scheme and destroy, and many things in this life are difficult and sometimes tragic.  God doesn't run behind Satan, however, frantically trying to clean up his messes.  God is not forced to go to Plan B.  Satan's schemes do not catch God off guard.

God, even in the tragedies and sad moments of life, always has a good plan for our lives.  He is always working for His glory and for our spiritual good.  It was God's Plan A that I was a caregiver for my first husband, Wayne.  It  was God's plan A that I became a widow.   God's plan A was in operation for my life in the years and events that have followed in both the times of joy and heartache.  What is transpiring in my life right now in both the trials and joys is still God's plan A for me even in moments when it does not feel that way. 

God's Plan A is always in place for you as well, dear reader.  This is true in all the events of your life.  He is rejoicing with you in your joys and is always there to comfort you in your sorrows.  In this post Easter period let us join the believers of old and today and sing "Hosanna to the King of Kings."

(P.S.  If your missed the Easter post of last week, you can read it by clicking on the following link:


  1. This blessed me so much! I'm so thankful to know God's plan for me (as I care for my husband) is the
    "A" plan! Loved what you wrote that God isn't running behind the devil cleaning up his messes!

    1. Hi, Ginka. Thanks for the kind response. I am so glad this post proved to be a blessing.