Saturday, August 6, 2022

Serving Where God Plants Us

Recently, God reminded me in my devotions of the need to be willing to serve where God plants or sends me.  This willingness can only come when I see my own unworthiness and sin and from seeing how much Christ went through on the cross to forgive me. It also comes from a humble heart and thankful heart and from seeing God's glory.  Where God places me may not always be to my liking and may involve sacrifice and even heartache at times.  It may mean working through my fears about what God has assigned me and trusting Him once again.  

The same is true for you, dear reader, be you a family caregiver or be you ill yourself with a serious illness.  It is also true if God is calling you to another difficult assignment.   Calling from God does not always mean being a pastor or missionary.  It may mean being His faithful servant in the day to day of life's pathways and trials which sometimes involves heartache and sacrifices but also joy in the Lord.

God has been with me in the past in what He has asked me to do and in where He has placed me in life.  He has done the same for you, dear Reader.  He will be with us in our future assignments and trials as well.   In July seven years ago, I had an interview about my caregiving years with Wayne, my first husband, and then my loss of him to death.  The following October an article appeared in Guideposts concerning that.  This is the link to the article:

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