Saturday, January 15, 2022

Fill My Cup Lord

I recently finished reading a book by Gary Smalley that is entitled Joy That Lasts.  The very first sentence of the books says, "EVERY CRISIS, no matter the magnitude, is a step toward an enriched life."  This is something that I have experienced as a family caregiver for my first husband and as a widow for over eight years.  I have also experienced that since that time as well in trials I have faced.  God can use our trials in amazing ways often to help other people and to grow our love for the Lord.   Yet it is sometimes a difficult concept to hang on to when facing yet another crisis in life.  The reality is, however, that we will all face trials in this life sometimes over and over.  

In the process of facing trials, we may feel cheated and discouraged.  These challenges can often be devastating and heartbreaking, but they according to Smalley can bring us "a step closer to the richest life possible."  The reason for that is because they draw us closer to the Lord when we run to Him for comfort and strength.  Smalley says, "Trials can be our greatest experience, for they can lead to the the source of greatest joy."  They lead us to the only One who can fill our lives with joy.

Having it all will not fill our longings.  Neither will people, places, possessions, or position.  They are all temporary at best in satisfying longings.  Though we may know this in our heads, I think our problems and disillusionment with people at times are partly because we are selfishly thinking that we can control their actions and/or that they will meet all our expectations and satisfy all our longings.  If they are insensitive at times or unfairly demand things from us; we may feel disillusioned, sad, and yes, angry and drained.  Yet, people, things, or perfect circumstances can not fill our expectations and longings.   

We need to fill our life's cup from "the well that never runs dry."  This is the Lord Jesus Himself.  We can't find joy and freedom from negative feelings in people, or in places, possessions, or position.  We can find it only in the Lord.  Only God will never fail us. 

Fill my cup, Lord.  I lift it up, Lord.  Come and fill this quench this thirsting of my soul.

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