Friday, May 21, 2021

Lessons Learned From a Dishwasher


Way back in January our brand new dishwasher that we had just purchased the July before malfunctioned.  We were told that it was a faulty drain pump.  After months of the drama of waiting for a replacement drain pump and them sending us faulty replacement parts three times over for the old dishwasher, we finally received a new free dishwasher installed in early May.

This reminds me of my life and all of our lives.  Our lives need to be drained of toxic thoughts, emotions, and attitudes in order to be useful in God's kingdom.  God wants to help us fight discouragement, doubt, pride, spiritual dryness, sinful attitudes and actions, and fear which clog up our lives.  These things keep us from being as effective in God's kingdom as we could, and they rob us of joy.

A dishwasher also has to fill with clean water in order to do the job it was meant to do.  So we also need to fill our minds with good things-with promises, warnings, and instruction from the Word of God. Then we have to be filled with love for God and others and also filled with a desire to live our lives for Him.  This will help us to be flourishing people who function well in God's kingdom and in the world.  It will help us be people of joy even in times of difficulty.       

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