Sunday, March 15, 2020

God's Plan vs Your Plan

We all have had hopes and dreams.  We all have had plans about how our lives should unfold.  Yet God's plan is often very different than our own.  We dream of a life that is a smooth path free of troubles and challenges until we reach the finish line.

Yet God says that we will face challenges and trials.  Our lives will not be a straight smooth line.  It will include many joyful moments, but will also include moments that are very difficult.  All the moments, but especially the difficult moments, God uses to stretch us and make us more like Him.  He builds Godly character in us, if we submit to Him even in the challenging moments.

In my own life I remember difficult moments even in childhood.  With my first husband, Wayne, there were many joyful moments.  There were also moments of unemployment, challenges of raising a family, and in Wayne's later years there were the heartaches of seeing him deteriorate in his health and then pass away in early 2011.  Following that there were the overwhelming waves of grief at times and the difficulty of facing life's problems without a spouse.  Yet through it all God has always been faithful.  God has also used my challenges to help others.  One of these ways is the publication of my book, Dear Caregiver Reflections for Family Caregivers, a book meant to encourage current family caregivers.

As most of you know I remarried after eight years of being a widow on July 13, 2019.  I married my current husband, Bob.  Meeting and marrying Bob was one of God's unexpected gifts to me.  It was part of God's plan for me which is always good.  God's plan during the joyful times and the difficult times is always good.  Yet currently Bob and I are facing a huge trial because of a situation in a family that is very close to me.  Things are happening and have happened in that family that I never dreamed would happen.  Sometimes I question why this happened so quickly after my new marriage, yet God's plan is better than my plan.  He allows me to go through ups and downs and even deep hurts.  Yet it somehow always is for my ultimate good, and it shapes and forms me to be more Christ-like.  It teaches me to trust God and of His faithfulness.  It also makes me thankful to God for Bob who has been my rock and support in all this.

What have been the heartaches and trials of your life?  Is it caring for a loved one who is slowly deteriorating in health?  Is it the loss of a job?  Has a loved one strayed off the path?  Are you worried about the current world-wide virus?  Is there yet another heartache?  Whatever the heartache, God is faithful and will be with you.  Consider it a joy, count it as joy, let it be an opportunity for joy when trials come.  God is with you.

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