Sunday, September 8, 2019


Changes, even good changes, are challenging.  I remember the change of marrying my first husband, Wayne, in 1971.  It was a good change, but it involved working together instead of just thinking of our own selfish needs and wants.  I remember the changes of children coming into our lives and later them starting kindergarten and still later going off to college.  I further remember grandchildren entering our lives.  Many of these changes were wonderful.  Some required a little adapting on our part.

There were the challenges of unemployment at a few different times in our lives.  Those were difficult changes and challenges, but through it all we found the Lord to be faithful.  Later there was the devastating challenge of Wayne's diagnosis.  Each change and step downward in his physical functioning was difficult.  Finally losing Wayne to death and then becoming a widow was also a life-changing event.  Yet through those difficult years Jesus Christ became very precious to me.  My relationship with Him and my reliance on the promises of His Word became more and more wonderful to me.  That was a good change.  So even in the difficult changes of life, God can bring wonderful changes in us as well.

After eight and a half years of widowhood I once again married.  My new husband's name is Bob.  We are now married eight weeks.  This is a wonderful change in my life, but it too involves adaptations.  It involves laying down my life for my husband and not just thinking about myself.  It involves finding a new normal in a new house.  It involves putting my former house on the market and a busier life style.  Also as wonderful as my new life has become with my new husband, there are still challenges-like concerns and heartaches for family members.

Yet through all the changes good and "bad," God has been good.  God has grown me spiritually through them all.  What are the changes and challenges in your life, dear reader?  Through the difficult changes and through the exciting and wonderful changes, God will be with you step by step.  Lean on Him.  He will use all the changes for His glory and your ultimate good.

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