Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Passion for Caregivers

This week Friday night I will be selling my book, Dear Caregiver Reflections for Family Caregivers, at Heritage Day.  Heritage day is a festival/celebration type event we hold every other year in my small town.  I like doing these book events, as it gives me a chance to hopefully get my book in the hands of current caregivers, past caregivers, or anyone who is going through a difficult time.

 Life is difficult, but God is good.  He is in control and is leading us through the difficult moments with His guiding hand.  We need to keep looking to Him.  This is especially true for the family caregiver.  This is the theme of my book.

As I talk about my book at these events I feel passionate.  This is because I feel passionate about family caregivers.  I feel passionate about helping them.  I also feel passionate about their loved ones for whom they are caring.

These events where I promote my book are emotionally draining as well, however.  It brings up in me the emotions of those days as a family caregiver.  I remember the stress and sadness of seeing my husband's body deteriorate during those four and a half years that I cared for him.  I remember the emotions of worrying about giving my husband everything I could and doing everything I could for him in the battle for his health which we knew from the beginning would be a losing battle.

Yet I also remember that the Lord was with me during those days, and He has been with me in my post care-giving days as well.  I want caregivers and anyone else's life I touch to know that the Lord will be with them as well. That is my passion and that is why I write this blog and why I wrote the book.

So I ask that you will pray for me on Friday night, August 14 between 4:00 and 9:00 P.M. Central time.  I wish you could all greet me at my table.  Since at least most of  you can not do that, consider ordering my book online.  It can be found at Xulon, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble online.  Links to my book on Xulon and Amazon can be found on the right hand side of this page.  My book contains over 100 meditations or short chapters to encourage family caregivers.

Please forgive this diversion from the usual type of thoughts that I post here.  Know, however, dear caregiver that I care about you.  What is more important to know is that the Lord loves you and cares for you.  He is with you, dear caregiver, on this difficult but noble undertaking in your life!

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