Sunday, May 10, 2015

Joy in the Longings

Today is Mother's Day in the United States.  It is also the time of year when spring is bursting forth. In the area where I live spring is always late in coming, but even here we are being blessed with evidences of spring.

Special holidays and changes of seasons can be a source of joy.  They can also be a source of longing for the better days of the past.  They can further become days of sadness.  These events we tend to look at as markers in our journey through life.  Perhaps you are feeling some of these emotions today, dear caregiver.  Perhaps your children will not be here for Mother's Day, because they have moved away. Perhaps you feel very alone in your care-giving duties this year.  Or perhaps you will have family present but because of your loved one's health, you wonder if there will be another Mother's day or another new season like this again.

Sadness and longing seems to be part of the care-giving journey at times.  In fact it is part of our journey on earth.  It is a realization that this earth will never fully satisfy.  Only heaven and the Lord's presence can fully satisfy.  Yet trials in this life like the challenges of family care-giving can also make us more in tune with beauty and the blessings of the Lord even now on this earth.  It can also make us more in tune with the presence of the Lord in our lives.  That is the sometimes disguised blessing which accompanies care-giving challenges and heartaches or any other difficulty we encounter in this life.

I have a hanging on one of my walls in my home.  It says, "Each day is God's gift to you.  Make it blossom and grow into a thing of beauty."  It is a good reminder to me each morning.  Life can be difficult, but God is always good.  So no matter what emotions the changes of seasons and holidays may evoke in you, dear caregiver, seek to rest it with the Lord.  Thank Him for the little blessings and love gifts you see God giving you every day.  The Lord has been laying on my heart the need to also thank Him even for the difficult things which make life so challenging.  Consider doing likewise, dear caregiver.  By doing that, you and I will be showing our trust in the Lord.  Also joy always follows gratitude.  Unlike happiness joy is not dependent on perfect circumstances.  There can be joy in the midst of the longing.  May the Lord bless you with His joy even in the struggles and longings, dear caregiver.


  1. Hi Sharon! I love your blog. I, too am a caregiver. I've been caregiving for my parents, one who is a disabled military veteran. In this experience I have learned that caregivers need to celebrate one another. As a result, I invite you to view my website: Thank you!

  2. Thank you for all that you do as a caregiver for your parents!