Sunday, June 15, 2014

Grow in Your Fellowship With Him

I was reminded in my devotions recently that the journey we are taking on this earth can be compared to a mountain trail which is often steep and narrow. Also I was reminded that the road or path in life I walked on in past years is permanently closed. It was first closed by my husband's diagnosis of his neurological disease in 2006 and in the difficult years of his decline. Even the family care-giving path in life was closed to me in early 2011, when I begin walking the path of widow.

Yet I was also reminded in my devotions that day recently that the Lord has promised to lead me with His counsel all the way and afterwards take me to Glory (Psalm 73:24). He will be a voice behind me telling me which way to go (Isaiah 30:21). Finally He is my Good Shepherd guiding me (Psalm 23). Also there are beauty and wonders all around me, if I just open my eyes to the wonders. Finally, someday I will arrive at my destination, my true eternal home.

In the meantime I can know Jesus and His power on a deeply personal level. I can have resurrection power within me, as it says in Philippians 3:10. Yet this verse also connects this power and intimate relationship with Jesus with “the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings,” a part of the verse which we would like to ignore (at least I would.) Yet we often experience the deepest fellowship with Jesus through our suffering and trials, and we look forward to Heaven with greater eagerness because of those sufferings.

My years as my husband's caregiver were often physically and emotionally draining. It was the heartbreak of my life seeing my husband deteriorate before my eyes step by step. Then to lose him after all those years of struggle was very difficult, but it has resulted in an even sweeter and more intimate relationship with my Lord. It has made me freer in my spirit and has opened new doors of service.

I know what you are experiencing as a caregiver is often overwhelming, dear caregiver. Rest in Him in the process. Grow in your fellowship with Him through the difficult moments.   

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