Sunday, April 6, 2014

Walk with Joy the Caregiver Walk

My husband was diagnosed with his neurological disease in 2006. In 2007 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After eight months of treatment for my breast cancer in 2007 and 2008, in a few months I will be a seven year breast cancer survivor. On October 4, 2008 I was celebrating my last treatment for breast cancer. Following are some of the words I wrote in a post at another blog site at that time:

“Recently I was looking at a lovely daffodil flower sitting in a vase on my window sill. This was given to me one day by a nurse at the cancer clinic after I completed one of my radiation treatments. This flower reminded me of the kindness and care given to me by my doctors and nurses these past months. My eyes also landed on a beautiful azalea plant sitting on my coffee table. This plant was given to me by a special person in our church. This azalea plant was symbolic to me of the tremendous love and concern which has been shown to Wayne, my husband, and me in these past many months by our church family. Today I look at a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers sitting on my kitchen table given to me by my son's family. These flowers remind me of the love of my earthly family.

As of this morning my radiation treatments for breast cancer are complete!!! It has been a long journey-this cancer journey beginning in July of 2007. It has involved chemo, a mastectomy, and the last few weeks radiation. Wayne, my husband, was diagnosed with a serious neurological disease about a year earlier in 2006. It has been a challenging couple of years to say the least, but there also have been many blessings along the way. It has been a time to draw closer to the Lord in more dependence on Him. It has been a time to hear the Lord speaking through His promises in His Holy Word in a new and wonderful way. Even when the doubts or discouragement comes it is good to know we have such a faithful God. It has also been a time to experience the love of God's people and our earthly family in such a rich and abundant way. They have in many ways made our trial "a place of springs" in the midst of "Valley of Baca" (Psalm 84:6)

I will not have any more cancer treatments now that the radiation treatments are complete except for seeing my doctor and having blood tests once every three months. I will have some discomfort and/or redness yet for up to a month from the radiation. Also the "odds" are relatively high that the cancer could reoccur within the next five years, but we know our lives are not about "odds" but the certainties of God's Word. Pray that there will not be a recurrence of cancer. Continue to pray also for my husband, Wayne, that his condition will not continue to deteriorate. Most importantly, pray that my husband and I will live every day in the joy of the Lord and for His glory."

Such were my words on that day in early April of 2008.  As I said before I am a cancer survivor.  In fact, I am well past the five year mark.  My husband however, passed away as a result of his disease in early 2011. The years after my cancer treatment were completed were increasingly difficult for my husband and I, as my husband continued to deteriorate in his health. Those years were sometimes overwhelmingly difficult physically and emotionally for me as my husband's caregiver.

Yet these circumstances did not change who I was and am in Christ. In fact, they drew and continue to draw me closer to the Lord. May it be your prayer as well as mine, dear caregiver, that we will accept with open arms whatever God allows in our lives; if it brings glory to our Lord. May it be your prayer, dear caregiver, that you will walk with joy, peace, and freedom; as you walk the difficult care-giving road. I end today with a link below to a song that I placed at the end of that blog post in April of 2008. May it be always be my prayer. May it be your prayer as well, dear caregiver.


  1. Sharon,as usual your post encourages me and points me to Jesus, my Hope!!

  2. Thank you, Jan, for your kind comment.