Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Caregiver's Rest and Peace

Family caregivers often face huge obstacles.  Although care-giving for a loved one is an extremely important mission in life, it is also often physically and emotionally exhausting.  Caregivers must find their rest, confidence, help, and peace in the Lord alone.  Psalm 62 in the Old Testament of the Bible says that God alone must be our rock or firm foundation and our fortress or source of protection.

Family caregivers and all of us for that matter can and must find our confidence and help in the Lord alone. If we put our confidence in anything or anyone but the Lord, we will often be disappointed. We, however, can go to the Lord at anytime and anyplace; and He will be our help and strength.

Hence, the Lord alone is the caregiver’s source of peace and repose in the heartaches and discouraging events of care-giving.  Care-giving can become very overwhelming at times.  I remember it was that way for me.  As I helplessly watched my husband’s body deteriorate, I often felt very discouraged.  Psalm 62 reminds the caregiver and all of us that no matter what we are facing we need never be shaken, because the Lord is our rock or foundation. We can trust in the Lord at all times. He is our sure foundation even when it seems as if our world is crumbling and falling down around us. The Lord is also our salvation. He is our Savior from our sins. He further saves us from many unseen perils and pitfalls each and every day. The Lord is our fortress or protection. Hence, no matter what is going on in our lives; we need never give up and be anxious in our spirits.

This is not to say that family caregivers should not use community resources and other resources in the overwhelming challenges of caregiving.  God has placed those resources there to help the family caregiver.  Too often caregivers try to do everything in their own strength, however.  God alone is the caregiver’s source of strength and wisdom.

Family care-giving can present many difficult challenges.  In spite of all life’s troubles, however, we all must learn the secret of waiting and resting in the Lord. So often when we face a crisis in our lives we try to work out the adverse situation or circumstances by our own devices.  Often we go to the Lord only as a last resort. We need to go to the Lord first.  Rest and peace for our souls can be found in the Lord God alone. Then nothing can ultimately shake us.  No matter what the situation we can trust the Lord and rest in Him in quiet submission. Our well-being for time and for eternity depends on the Lord God alone. He is our sure foundation and refuge.

 We have the absolute assurance of the Lord's protecting presence in our lives at all times. Thus Psalm 62 reminds us to trust in God in all situations and at all times.  We must pour out our hearts to Him for help in facing the difficult situations, for God is our help and refuge.   The Lord will never fail us. The Lord understands us and our needs perfectly. The Lord understands our needs and sympathizes with us better than anyone else is able to do. Resorting to our own devices to get us through a crisis will prove to be of no avail, but our God is our refuge and help. We serve a faithful God. We also serve a loving and powerful God! If we trust in the Lord, He will direct our paths!  He will direct your path also, dear Christian caregiver!  You can count on it!



  1. Very encouraging post! I am seeking to practice going to the Lord first. I know He is the only One who can truly help in times of need!

  2. Hi, Georgene. Thank you for commenting. I have found that when I fully realize that I am totally dependent on the Lord, I am exactly where God wants me to be. Life can be difficult, but God is always faithful and good. May the Lord bless you, Georgene!