Monday, September 9, 2013

An Exchanged Life

Dear caregiver, do you ever feel all alone in the challenges of care-giving?  You may feel this way sometimes, but remember feelings are fickle and unreliable.  God's Word tells you that you belong to the Lord.  His faithfulness will never end.  His love for you will never die.  He will be with you all the way and guide you through the sometimes difficult twists and turns of care-giving.

Because of God's grace we are now new creatures in Christ! (Galatians 2:20). Because of Christ's sacrifice on the cross we now belong to Him. As His children you and I have relinquished our lives to Christ. We are no longer in sin's grip or in the devil's grip.  We belong to the Lord now, and His Spirit in our hearts guarantees us eternal life.  (II Corinthians 1:22). Instead of living in Satan's realm we now have relinquished that life for an exchanged life in Christ.  Dear Christian caregiver, because of that exchanged life you can know with certainty that the Lord is guiding you even in the times when you see only declines in the health of the loved one for whom you are caring.

As followers of Jesus Christ our lives in Him are characterized by a walk of faith. Our lives in Christ are trusting lives. In our lives in Christ we can come to the Lord with all our needs and trust that He will always be with us.  We can trust that the Lord will always be our source of comfort and our friend. We can trust that He will always guide and protect us.  We know we have a Savior who loved us so much that He was willing to give Himself on the cross to pay for our sins. 

As His children we now can live victorious lives in Christ. We can do this; because Jesus Christ lives in us, giving us the power to live for Him. Christ died on the cross for us, and He lives within us. Hence, we can now live lives of trust and faith in Him! Praise His name! 

Dear Christian caregiver, sometimes the heartaches which often accompany care-giving are overwhelming.  Try not to concentrate on the heartaches and problems.  Remember, you are living an exchanged life in Christ.  He loved you enough to die for you.  Can you not trust Him to see you through your daily challenges with care-giving?  Can you not leave your needs and the needs of your loved one in the capable hands of such a wonderful Savior? 


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