Monday, June 24, 2013


Care-giving for a family member with a terminal illness is one of life’s most difficult experiences. It is stressful and very discouraging at times. This is especially true if a caregiver is forced to helplessly watch his or her love one continue to deteriorate in health step by step. I know this is true, because I was my husband’s caregiver for four and a half years.

Remember, however, dear Christian caregiver, that joy is possible in even these circumstances. This is because joy and difficulty and even joy and sorrow can coexist. Joy is also possible in the challenges and heartaches of care-giving, because joy in not dependent on circumstances. True joy is experienced as a result of living in the presence of the Lord and though deep communication with Him. True joy and peace is experienced when we know God is with us in those difficult situations. It is knowing that He is keeping us, protecting us, and strengthening us in those situations. Joy and peace is knowing the Lord God is in control.  

Recently, someone responded to one of my posts at this blog site. She sent this formula for joy and strength: Thankfulness = joy = strength. If we can somehow thank God in all things knowing and trusting that He is indeed in control and loves us deeply, we can began to experience joy. Joy then turns into strength to face life's challenges. (Nehemiah 8:10b)

Spend time in God’s Word, dear caregiver. Revel in and latch on to His promises in His Word. Spend time in prayer. Ask for His strength and joy. Care-giving can be so overwhelmingly difficult and emotionally challenging. Even in those very difficult days, however, dear caregiver, you can find joy in the Lord. He will get you through those days step by step. Though you do not know what lies ahead, He will lead you. He will give you His strength and joy. 


  1. Sharon, thank you for encouraging us,caregivers, to keep looking to the Lord. In an effort to learn more about your journey I am going to the beginning and reading your entries,since I just recently found this through Feree's blog for widows. I think I read a guest post by you. Jan

  2. Jan, yes, Ferree did an "interview" of me for her blog for widows on October 17 and 18, 2012 (part one and two) Also by the awesome wonder of God I was interviewed by a New York Times online writer about my caregiving days. This was published in March of this year online. Ferree talked about this and put a link for the New Year Times interview and put links for her own interview with me in Ocotber, 2012 in another blog post also. That blog post you can find on 3-12-13 on her site. I also write about my caregiving experience in my very first post that I published here. I published that only a few weeks after my husband's death.

  3. Sharon, I have begun reading your blog backwards and after reading several entries I found myself wishing this was available as a daily devotional type book for caregivers. Is there any possibility that could happen? I think it is a much needed resource for the Christian caregiver. I have look for this type of book and not much is out there. Just my thoughts.

  4. I agree with you, Jan, not much is out there. Not much is out there in blog form or in any online format either especially from a Christian perspective. That was why I started my blog in the first place. As for putting it in written book form it has crossed my mind. If we are talking a daily devotional, however, I have only 121 published here yet, although I have a bunch more ready to publish at some point. So I don't know. That is not near 365. Also at this point I really don't know a whole lot about getting a book published. It is something to think about and pray about for the future as to if this is God's will.