Monday, May 13, 2013

Lean on Him

Dear Caregiver, the heartaches and difficulties of family care-giving can often be very overwhelming.  This time in your life may very well be the most difficult trial that you have faced in your entire life.  It is so very physically, emotionally and spiritually draining to see one's love one deteriorate in his or her health and to know that one is very limited in what one can do to help that loved one.

Care-giving often teaches in a very vivid way that self-dependence does not work.  It certainly made that truth very clear to me when I was a caregiver.  Dear caregiver, God wants you to lean on Him.  He want you to trust in Him and acknowledge Him.  God wants you to have a heart that rests in His promises.  He wants you to believe with absolute certainty that He will teach you and guide you every step of the way down your care-giving path.

Surrender to God's plan for your life right now, dear caregiver, even though it is a very difficult path and a path which you would never have chosen for yourself.  Daily lean on and depend on God by relying on His promises in His Holy Word and by prayer. He is the answer and daily provides for you and your loved one's needs. 

In fact, dear Christian caregiver, God is using the pressures and challenges of care-giving to produce in you a beautiful Christ-likeness.  He is molding you into a precious vessel more suitable for His glory and use.  In the process of doing this He is guiding you step by step, increasing your trust in Him, giving you His strength, and providing for you and your loved one in a way that is beyond what you think or imagine.  We do not always understand or even agree with God's ways, but we can trust His ways, and we can also trust His love.  He loved us enough to send His own Son for us.  Can we not also trust Him to provide for us even in life's most challenging situations?

Dear caregiver, family care-giving is often a difficult road to travel.  Yet God is leading you and is with you all the way.  Lean on Him, dear caregiver.    


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  2. Just the reminder I needed. Thank you

  3. Thank you, Jan. We all need the reminder to lean on Him from time to time.

  4. Sharon,

    "Lean On Him". It's the only way to go about this. Your words of encouragement and support for Caregivers is such a blessing.

    I have shared this with my friend who is a caregiver. I know your writings have always been a source of comfort and an inspiration to her. <3


  5. Thank you, Cathy. I so appreciate your words. Having been a caregiver myself I know what a difficult path it can be. If I can help even one caregiver I am blessed.

  6. It appears that we are moving into another level of care with my husband(MSA)and every where I go I am getting the messsage - Lean on Him, Keep your focus on God.

    Thank you for this reminder, It's getting harder and beyond my "self sufficent" abilities. The only way to be able to carry on is rely on the God of the universe who cares very much for me. Keep my eyes, focus and reliance on Him


  7. Sue, I am so sorry for the new declines in your husband's health. I know how physically and emotionally challenging these changes become in the caregiver's life. Be assured of my prayers. Remember too that the Lord will never leave you or forsake you.