Monday, January 16, 2012

You Can’t Do It Alone

The challenges of being a caregiver are overwhelming and discouraging at times. Might I also go on to say, dear caregiver, that the challenges you face are too great for you to handle alone. The Lord wants to help you through each day and each moment of each day.

Caregivers need to be proactive for their loved ones. Sometimes they have to deal with medical people who are less than helpful. Sometimes there is a ton of paper work and red tape to wade through in order to get the best possible help for one’s loved one. Sometimes even the caregiver’s loved one wants to give up, and the caregiver needs to be his or her cheerleader to keep fighting.

Because of the need for caregivers to be proactive they sometimes forget that they can not do it alone. Often it is necessary to search for and ask for help from family members or professionals. Also it is necessary to walk with the Lord in dependence on Him. Being dependent on the Lord is a good place to be, for when you are dependent on Him, you are the strongest.

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