Monday, June 6, 2011

Spring's Lessons

Spring came much later in my town this year compared to last year, but it has finally arrived. Perhaps in reality it is summer which has arrived. It seems as if there has been a quick transition from winter to summer. Last year, however, I thought spring was a particularly early and beautiful spring. Last spring and summer I was also still a caregiver for my husband. I wrote the following words on May 20, 2010:

“I always thought that I liked autumn the best of all the four seasons. This year, however, I am really enjoying spring. Our neighbor to the right of us have three fruit trees in their yard that have beautiful pink blossoms on them. We also have a smaller fruit tree on our yard. People across the street also have a fruit tree with beautiful white blossoms on it. There is beauty all around me this spring. I am amazed at the beauty in God’s creation.

Spring is also a time for dandelions, however. They are that pesky “flower” that likes to take over people’s lawns. They are especially unattractive when they go to seed. The dandelions coupled with shaggy grass made our lawn look shaggy and imperfect for a few days. Why is it that it is so much easier to concentrate on the dandelions and the grass which is too long instead of the awesomely beautiful fruit trees?

I think this is a picture of all of our lives. It is so easy to concentrate on the sorrows, difficulties, and frustrations of caregiving and of life itself. We sometimes forget to concentrate on the blessings and beauties all around us. Most evenings before going to bed I try to write down three blessings that I received that day. That helps, but it is still easy to slip into the negative emotions, as one works one’s way through another day.

Lord, comfort me in my times of sorrow and frustration. Give me the perseverance of the dandelion which continues to flourish in spite of being mowed down and hated. Finally, open my eyes to your blessings, Lord; and make me truly thankful.”

Dear Christian Caregiver, the challenges and heartaches of caregiving can sometimes tempt us to lose sight of the blessings still present in our lives. I challenge you today to look for the blessings. Look for God’s workings and wonders in your life. It will lift you up emotionally and spiritually dear caregiver.

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