Saturday, June 6, 2020

What the World Needs Now

Corona virus, a police officer charged with murder in the death of a black man, violent looting and destruction of buildings and businesses, police officers injured and shot.  Does it ever seem as if all we hear on the news is tragedy and cause for weeping?  Coupled with that many people have heartaches of a personal nature.

What the world needs now is the peace of Jesus.  The world needs to experience hearts changed by the Lord. The world needs hearts bowing in repentance. The world desperately needs people experiencing a deep personal relationship with the Lord and devouring their Bibles.  They need to be reading God's Word  not just for guidance, answers, and a way to receive blessings but to grow in their love relationship with the Lord and to know Him more intimately.

Until each  of us recognizes our own need for repentance and for sins needing to be forgiven by the Lord, until we recognize our own dark hearts without the Lord; the world will not change.  Yet even in these dark times, there can be joy in our hearts, because for the children of God our sins have been forgiven.  We still falter and fail often, but even in overwhelming circumstances the Lord will be with us and guide us.  He will preserve us until out time on earth is completed, and He takes us to be with Him.   In the meantime, He also wants us to be a source of His light and peace in the world-one person at a time.  Let's pray for our world, and be that beacon and light and peace.

Here is a link to the song, "People Need the Lord"  sung by Steve Green.  May you find it a blessing:

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