Sunday, April 13, 2014

Your Will Be Done, Lord

(I was prompted to write this post after reading a couple devotionals that fueled my thinking and touched my spirit.)

As I mentioned in my last post both my husband and I had serious illnesses which overlapped somewhat during the same time frame. I will be a seven year survivor of breast cancer in July of this year. My husband, however, passed away from his disease in early 2011.

There have been times when I asked myself why I am alive and thriving today, and my husband was taken. My disease could be treated, but my husband's neurological disease had no cure. Yet God can do anything. He could have healed my husband as well. I think I have subconsciously wondered also, if I prayed enough for his healing. Did I do enough? Was I enough? Yet was this not flawed thinking on my part?

Many Christians believe God will heal all diseases, if they have enough faith.  But is this kind of faith not a faith in the greatness of one's own faith rather than a faith in God?  Is it not also a faith in a desired outcome rather than a faith in God who should be the object of our faith?  Is this kind of faith centered in God's plan and will?  God WILL ultimately heal all our diseases in eternity. It is not always His plan to heal us on earth, however. That was not His plan for my husband, Wayne. It was God's plan to take Wayne home to Himself. Would I and can I be submissive to God's best for both Wayne and I?

Dear caregiver, God may choose to heal your loved one on this earth. He also may choose to take your loved one to Himself in His perfect timing. You probably do not even want to consider that possibility. I certainly did not want to contemplate losing my husband. Yet there is peace in resting in His will. There is peace in being submissive to His plan.

Are you willing to make this your prayer, dear caregiver, “Lord give me a willing heart to embrace Your perfect plan whatever that be, Lord. Help me to trust that You will provide the strength to submit to Your perfect plan and purpose. Use me, Lord, to be an instrument in Your hand no matter what path You lead me down or no matter what purpose You have planned for my life. Lord, I pray for the healing of my loved one, and I would be so grateful if he is healed. Yet Lord, Your will be done."

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