Monday, August 12, 2013

Caregiver Worries

There are many stresses and challenges which accompany being a family caregiver. This is especially true for the caregiver who is caring for a loved one who has a long standing terminal illness. It is easy for the caregiver to fall into the pit of fear and discouragement. There can be fears and worries about just getting through the day and also for the future. I remember experiencing these stresses and fears as a caregiver of my husband.

The Lord God wants us to release those worries to Him. This is so very difficult to do when the challenges are so overwhelming. In the measure we release those worries to the Lord and seek Him the more we will experience His peace, however. 

The Lord God loves you with an everlasting love, dear Christian caregiver. Our minds can not fully comprehend His unfailing love. Our emotions often fluctuate and falter in the face of difficult circumstances. I know this was true of me as a caregiver and is also true of me since my care-giving days. God’s love and faithfulness always remains constant, however. Cling to that, dear Christian caregiver. 

Remember too, dear caregiver, that God is sovereign over your life and the life of your loved one for whom you are caring. He is in control. Caregivers have to manage so many things for their loved ones. They not only have to care for their love one’s needs, but they also often have to be their loved one’s advocate. As a caregiver I sometimes felt as if I was the only one who cared about my husband’s well-being. Perhaps you feel the same way, dear caregiver. This can be a lonely feeling. 

Know, however, dear caregiver, that God is in control. Trust Him for your and your loved one’s future. Also thank Him each day for blessings that are still in your life. Trust and thankfulness are the keys to peace. Is not that a better alternative to worry and wringing of one’s hands which does absolutely no good? 

Trust the Lord, dear caregiver. Give Him your worries and concerns for your loved one. He is in control, and He will be faithful to you all the way.


  1. The good news is my husband accepted Jesus last week. But he is very ill. Quit chemo a bit back, did some good but too hard. Tomorrow we are getting him checked on. So everyone is asleep, husband dogs/cats and all. And I am worried & in tears (But that's okay.God made tears too). Found this post and it is a great comfort. Will print it up and read it again before I go to sleep. He is taking care of us all. Thank you so much. Sue

  2. Sue, I am so glad to hear that your husband accepted Jesus into his heart! What a comfort that must be to both of you! I am so sorry for all that you are both going through with his illness. May the Lord be with you, as you go to your dr. appointment today. Yes, tears are good. They can release so many emotions. Keep reminding yourself of the Lord's presence and love for you, Sue!